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Hereunder, please find a comprehensive list of the Frequently Asked Questions and Answers that we have compiled for you. In case of any clarification,
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ITs a misunderstanding to believe Safe Deposit Box's all contain gold and diamonds and so only apply to those people who can afford such luxuries. The truth is very different and all over the world millions of people regardless of their background or financial status depend on Safe Deposit Boxes to store their most prized assets.

For sure many privileged to have precious jewellery, surplus cash or other valuables use a professional Safe Deposit Box's service. It is private, convenient, insured, secure and accessible. That said, over the course of a lifetime everyone accumulates items of value. It might be of financial value, it could be of administrative value or just sentimental value. Perhaps an important document, a Certificate important to you, your Passport, a Title Deed, Legal correspondence, Corporate records, a precious photograph, Keys, Passwords and Codes, a medal or Rare Item, indeed an item of value perhaps to you alone. Perhaps a little bit of all the above?

It follows that a Safe Deposit Box is of value to everyone, whether you're an Emirati citizen or a resident or a frequent visitor, everyone can benefit from the advantages of owning a safe deposit locker.

Safe Deposit Box is designed to protect your valuables against any unforeseen event occurring. Items of value can attract the wrong kind of attention, they are subject to being stolen, getting mislaid, damaged and at times that can have a chaotic impact not just on you personally but on our entire family.

You can rest easy knowing that those items of real value and importance in your life are secure and protected. MYSAFE provides you with PEACE OF MIND knowing that at any time you need to, you can access instantly your most precious items and know that they are always kept safe and secure always from any of life's uncertainties.

We offer a convenient, fully automated Safe Deposit Box service in which each individual Safe Deposit Box is automatically insured. You alone control access and we provide a start of the art concept, the first of its kind in the world to achieve global standards of security and meet the stringent criteria of the global insurance industry.

MYSAFE is convenient, discreet, and brings innovation using the most advanced robotics technology that is certified to global standards and we make sure we provide that service at a place that is convenient to you.

We utilize the most advanced Safe Deposit Box technology in the world.
Unlike conventional Safe Deposit Boxes in which you share keys with management of the facility and require their physical presence every time you want to access your Safe Deposit Box, we offer a fully automated access using the most advanced layered technology possible.

YOU ALONE retain possession of the Magnetic Swipe Card, you alone select your own personal 4 Digit Pin number and can change that Pin at any time. You alone can utilize the Biometric reader and you alone have possession of the keys to your individual Safe Deposit Box. Without ALL OF these layered security features, you can't access the Safe Deposit Box.

As you can appreciate to secure the support of the Industry Stakeholders and to secure the support of global insurers, a comprehensive layered security infrastructure is superimposed over the totality of the operation and the facilities itself. You will be the first to appreciate why we don't disclose the full details of all the security features deployed to ensure you can rest easy knowing your most precious items of value are in safe hands.

One of the unique features of our service is that we are so confident of the security status of our infrastructure and the security features that are incorporated in the service that every single individual Safe deposit box can be insured to the value of 80,000 AED and we can offer discerning clients the option to increase the level of Insurance cover up to 1 Million AED per individual Box for a small additional premium.

That will give you a better understanding of the Insurance industries perception of the security features associated with our service. Our insurance is provided by one of the world's largest and most prestigious global Insurance Market.

We are located at G14 Platinum Tower, Cluster | Jumeirah Lake Towers, & Retail Lobby of Kempinski Hotel & Residences, Palm Jumeriah. Dubai UAE and you are most welcome to come and meet with the management team at any time.

To allow us assist you fully and to comply with our own internal security policies, please do bring along a copy of your passport and /or a ID card so we can provide all the appropriate information you may wish to know.

We have a simple transparent all-inclusive rate that incorporates the annual registration fee, the annual rental fee for the Safe Deposit Box and the Insurance cover of 80,000 AED that is automatically included in every rental.

We offer three different Sized Boxes; the Standard Size is more than sufficient for most clients and comfortably holds A4 Sized documents and a range of smaller items of value. That All-inclusive rate for the standard Box is 3,600 AED.
Costs associated with the larger boxes can be obtained by speaking with management so we fully understand your needs and can offer the best possible advice.

We pride ourselves in being able to offer a convenient service and so the booking process is very simple and straight forward and only takes a few minutes.

You can express interest in renting your own Safe Deposit Box by completing the very short form ON LINE and that will help to streamline the process should you wish to proceed to book at any time thereafter.

Simply pass by any site any day before 6 pm to register or better still , email or call ( WhatsApp) +971 52 110 4761 to make an appointment. Don't forget to bring your ID or Passport. Registration takes just 10 minutes and the box is available immediately.

You can obtain and print a copy from our website and of course you can obtain a hard copy by requesting same from management anytime you visit the site.

First, let us be very clear, we provide a PREMIUM service and are proud to be the benchmark by which the integrity of our service adds value to the citizens, residents and visitors to the UAE. It follows that we take every precaution possible to ensure our clients share those values.
That said, the nature of a Safe Deposit Box service is that it is discrete, private and confidential.
Having taken all the appropriate precautions consistent with Global Best Practice, neither the management or staff HAVE ANY VISIBILITY on the contents of ANY individual Safe Deposit Box. That is your private domain and you alone know the contents at any given time.
We provide a list of PROHIBITED items and great care should be taken to ensure you are familiar with that list and adhere to it in fact and in spirit. Thereafter the list of items that may be stored safely and legally in a Safe Deposit Box is very broad indeed.
PLEASE NOTE: It is advisable that with some original legal documents, you should notify your solicitor, next of kin or another trusted party of their location. Sometimes it can be important that such a trusted party is aware that you have a Safe Deposit Box that may contain items such as a Power of Attorney, your Will or other critically important legal instruments.
Arrangements can be made to nominate a third party on your account in specific circumstances. Please enquire from management as to how we can assist you in such circumstances when you rent your Safe Deposit Box.
We provide an Indicative view of some of the items that are usually stored in Safe Deposit Boxes worldwide. The list includes but is not limited to the following.
Jewellery, Cash, Gold, Precious Metals, Stamp Collections, Birth certificates, Transcripts, Title Deeds, Back up Discs, Plans, Certificates of Achievement, Original Sketches, Drawings, Cheque Books, Travellers Cheques, Bonds, medals, Military service records, Passport, Family Heirlooms, Health records, Valuable Gifts, Will and Testament, Legal documents, Insurance Policies, Business records, Share Holders Agreements, Share certificates, Marriage certificates, Divorce Papers, Patents, Patents, Proof of Ownership, Partnership Agreements, Academic Qualifications / certificates, Custody Documents, Old Photographs of sentimental value, Keys, Degree certificates, Thesis, Watches, Credit cards, Foreign Currency, Coins, ID Documentation, Personal Letters,

It is ILLEGAL and expressly prohibited to place in a Safe Deposit Box ANY item which by its nature is considered dangerous, hazardous or offensive. It is also ILLEGAL to place any weapon of any kind, no knifes, no firearms, no ammunition or explosives.

It is prohibited to store Drugs of any kind, any inflammable item, any corrosive item, any obnoxious item, no living plans or creatures of any kind.
It is also ILLEGAL and prohibited to store the proceeds of ANY criminal act of any kind not to store any items of any kind that may have been used in the commissioning of any criminal act.

If you have any doubts of any kind as to the suitability of storing any unusual item, please ask management who will be more than happy to give you the right advice.

You may nominate a second person to Access the box at anytime you wish. They must also then be registered

In circumstances where MYSAFE are advised by way of a Notification of death certificate, the contents of your Safe Deposit Box are effectively frozen pending interaction with the appropriate Court Appointed or nominated persons.

The contents of your Box will constitute a component of your estate and the proceeds will be managed in accordance with our terms and conditions of service and in accordance with the Court Appointed executor of your estate or any other nominated authorised custodian. You may Visit our office and our staff will be more than pleased to clarify any of the comments above.

Your Card and Keys are a unique feature of the security precautions taken to protect your Safe Deposit Box and you should take all reasonable steps to protect them. In circumstances where you note a Loss of either or both or for any reason believe the integrity of your security has been compromised, you are obliged to contact MYSAFE management immediately so we can take all reasonable precautions necessary to limit your exposure. Please note, failure to do so may affect your Insurance status and so this is an important matter.
Replacement cards and / or Keys can be issued subject to the appropriate security procedure being followed.
What is critical is to contact management immediately you become aware of any potential loss of card and/or key so we can take the necessary actions to protect fully the contents of your Safe Deposit Box.

You can change your Pin number at any stage by simply availing of the option when you present your card to the terminal. In circumstances where you are unable to remember your Pin Number, Management will be able to assist but you will need to bring with you a copy of your passport, ID and you will need to satisfy all the other security requirements (Biometric check, Keys to your Safe Deposit Box)

There are security policies, protocols and security procedures in place to allow for every conceivable set of circumstances and so in circumstances where such a catastrophic incident occurs, we have the capacity to ensure access to authorised personnel under appropriate secure conditions.

You will be the first to appreciate why we do not publish details of those protocols and the security precautions to be taken in the extremely unlikely situation where this happens. It's reasonable to suggest a degree of inconvenience may be caused and a small delay will be incurred in putting the recovery plan into place but all the steps required are within our capacity to achieve within a relatively short period.

As you know, the BOX never leaves the Unit and instead you are simply facilitated to access the contents of the box under the agreed conditions and using the appropriate access control features in place. In the EXTREAMLY unlikely event that you identify any issue of concern that gives rise to you believing unauthorised access to your box has taken place or could take place, you are advised to make your views known to management immediately and we will advise you on the steps to be taken thereafter to protect your assets and your rights under the terms and conditions of this agreement.

The contents of your Box are held on your behalf and secured under the terms and conditions of this agreement. While we will do everything possible to support the authorities and would expect all our customers to feel the same, the facts are that we are NOT able to facilitate access to ANY customer's Box except in extreme circumstances in which the authorities have obtained the necessary court orders.

In those circumstances, we will endeavour to advise you of the fact that such a request has been made and invite your direct participation. Should that not be possible and in circumstances where the authorities have complied with all the legal requirements to be given access, we will of course co-operate and provide access under controlled conditions and in a manner, that best protects your rights and the rights of MYSAFE.

In the extremely unlikely event that you come to believe unauthorised access to your box has occurred, you are advised to immediately contact Management and you will be invited to complete an incident report and determine whether it is appropriate to complete the paperwork necessary to lodge a claim against the Insurers.

You will appreciate, YOU ALONE control access to the box, you control the Swipe Card and associated security Pin Number, you have opted to use the Biometric security feature and you alone control the keys to the Box. It is exceptionally difficult to imagine any circumstances in which your Box can be accessed by any third party. In all such circumstances, MYSAFE reserve the right to take whatever course of action it deems necessary to limit any exposure of any kind to any stakeholder and in so doing to involve the appropriate authorities in circumstances where that is deemed to be appropriate at its absolute discretion.

In the extremely unlikely event of a loss, you are advised to contact management immediately and you will be invited to complete an Insurance Claim form that management will provide. To substantiate a claim, it should be noted that MYSAFE will assist with the investigation of any such claim to determine the history of access, any visible sign of damage or unauthorised access to the box, the status of Pin Code, Keys , the physical status of the Unit itself, the physical status of the site and offer statements, a professional opinion on any aspect of the claim in which we feel competent to comment and in circumstances where we believe it may be helpful in establishing the exact nature of the claim.

All individual Safe Deposit Boxes can be insured to the value of 80,000 AED. In circumstances where you wish to INCREASE the insurance cover available indefinitely or for a specific period, all you need to do is ask Management for an Enhanced Insurance Liability application form and the Insurance cover will be applied upon payment of the Insurance premium.

In such circumstances, it is prudent and appropriate for the applicant to take all reasonable steps to record details of any items of Value given rise to the enhanced liability protection being sought. (Professional Valuation, take a Record Identification details, Serial Numbers, a Photograph), actions which any reasonable applicant may deem to be appropriate whether the item is being stored in your Safe Deposit Box or not. SUCH DETAILS SHOULD NOT BE DISCLOSED TO MYSAFE Management or staff.

Best avoid this at any cost. MYSAFE reserve the unconditional right to freeze access to your safe Deposit Box and take first lien or charge on the contents of the locker in case of non-payment of fees or penalties each or all.

In default of payment and in circumstances where reasonable notice has been provided advising of the non- compliance and consequences therein, MYSAFE shall have the right to get the locker opened.

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