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mysafe deposit box APRIL 17, 2024 / BLOG

Terry Downes: Navigating Leadership in Security with Innovation

Breaking Boundaries in Security!

The true quality of a leader is not perfection but originality, the opening of new frontiers for others...

mysafe deposit box March 23, 2024 / BLOG

Ramadan 2024, A Time for Unity in UAE

As we welcome the crescent moon of Ramadan 2024, Muslims around the world prepare for a month of fasting, prayer, and reflection. For expats living in slamic countries, this holy month holds...

mysafe deposit box February 28, 2024 / BLOG

Mysafe Rak's Multilingual Website Launch

MySafe RAK, the sole automated safety deposit box company in Ras al Khaimah's Julphar Towers has taken a significant step forward by launching its new website available in multiple languages.…

mysafe deposit box February 25, 2024 / BLOG

Mysafe Global Vaults Launches Safe Deposit Box Booking App

MySafe Global Vaults proudly announces the launch of its most awaited mobile APP. This marks a milestone for the company, strengthening its position as the premier automated safety...

mysafe deposit box JULY 21, 2020 / BLOG

MySafe Dubai, Safe Box Rental to Dubai Residents & Non-Residents

Banks across the world have different views on the concept of Safe Deposit Boxes. Most view the service as a loss leader and frankly a service they might feel obliged to provide but strategically, perhaps they would rather not.

mysafe deposit box JANUARY 13, 2020 / BLOG

MySafe Global secures significant investment for expansion

MySafe Global Vaults Limited has significantly strengthened its strategic potential with an announcement that Safika International Holdings (PTY) Limited, a South African based investment company established in 1995...

mysafe deposit box DECEMBER 3, 2019 / BLOG

Simple steps to booking a Safe Deposit Box in Dubai

Step 1, Call Mysafe UAE on +971 52 110 4761, we'll do the rest!...

mysafe deposit box NOVEMBER 21, 2019 / BLOG

World's Rich Are Rattled and Seeking Old-Fashioned Security

Bloomberg November 20th 2019. "The World's Rich are Rattled and Seeking Old Fashioned Security". This was the headline in Bloomberg on the the 20th November and the article went on to describe reports of an exponential growth...

mysafe deposit box NOVEMBER 1, 2019 / BLOG

Safekeeping fortified: Securing the modern safe deposit box

Mysafe is Dubai's most trusted Safe Deposit Box provider: We offer Residents and Non Residents a fully automated, fully insured Safe Deposit Box Rental service. Open 24 / 7 at Platinum Tower, , Cluster I, JLT and Kempinski Hotel...

mysafe deposit box OCTOBER 21, 2019 / BLOG

Why Mysafe Dubai for your Valuables?

Mysafe is Dubai's most trusted Safe Deposit Box provider: We offer Residents and Non Residents a fully automated, fully insured...

mysafe deposit box JULY 24, 2019 / BLOG

Don't Put your Valuables in the Bank .. say's Bloomberg

That's the headline of a recent article by Matt Levine, a Bloomberg opinion columnist. I thank Matt for sharing his story online. The article is a major hit on the US Banking sectors attitude to the humble safe deposit box....

mysafe deposit box MAY 17, 2019 / BLOG

Safe Deposit Box Industry -Exponential Growth Opportunities

I confess to being surprised myself at how passionate I have become about the humble Non Residents a fully automated, fully insured 24/7 access, convenient safe deposit box center that can be deployed in almost any city...

mysafe deposit box MARCH 6, 2018 / BLOG

Passionate about the Safety Deposit Box

People often ask me why I am passionate about safe deposit boxes. Let's be honest, for most people it may not be the most exciting topic It's a steel box with a key?....

mysafe deposit box OCTOBER 18, 2017 / BLOG

The Humble Safe Deposit Box In Context

Launching MySafe at Platinum Towers in Dubai has brought me into contact with so many different people from many different cultures all of whom have a different perspective on the humble safe deposit box. Did you know the safe deposit ...

mysafe deposit box JUNE 26, 2017 / BLOG

A UAE First: An Alternative Secure Storage Option for Individual / Corporate Investors

There is a convergence of global & regional circumstances which conspire to create an ever-increasing interest in Gold Bullion / Precious Metals in all their forms...

mysafe deposit box MAY 7, 2017 / BLOG

Automated Safe Deposit Box Services A Game Changer in the UAE.

Did you know that the Safe Deposit Box has been in commercial use since the mid 1800's. The service was traditionally provided by the banks and in due course commercially independent companies...

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