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MySafe is a fully automated, fully insured, convenient, safe deposit box service availed to Corporate and individual clients. Our service incorporates the latest in automation, advanced safe robotics and a real focus on impeccable customer care values.

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Mysafe Vaults DMCC and Mysafe Vaults FZE

MySafe is a fully automated, insured, convenient Safe deposit box rental company specializing in securing items of Corporate or Personal Value.  We currently operate safe deposit box services at the prestigious Platinum Tower, Cluster I, Jumeriah Lake Towers, Dubai and at the retail Lobby of the iconic Kempinski Hotel & Residences, Palm Jumeriah, Dubai. We can provide services to residents of the UAE or Non Residents, registration takes just ten minutes and the Safe Deposit Box is available immediately. We have a number of different Box sizes to choose from and you can rent for a Quarter, 6 Months or annually. We are the ONLY Private Safe Deposit Box service in the UAE to offer a fully automated service, open to registered clients 24/7 and all box’s automatically insured in the largest Insurance Market in the world.

Mysafe safe deposit box Dubai

21st Century Safe Deposit Box Services in the UAE

Did you know that the concept of a Safe Deposit Box has been in commercial use since the mid 1800’s. The NEW YORK TIMES published an advertisement in 1865 on behalf of the first such independent Safe Deposit Box company which said. “Five Hundred Safe Boxes of Iron each with its own lock giving customers complete control of their box” and so the concept of an independent safe deposit box service was “born”. In recent years as banks across the world change their focus to digital banking platforms, private safe deposit box companies have seen exponential growth.  By fully embracing the latest technological developments in automation and advanced safe robotics, MySafe has injected flexibility and convenience and developed an added value enhanced service that ensures you have privacy, peace of mind and still access your items of Corporate or Personal value privately at a location, time and manner most convenient to you. In essence, we have lifted the humble Safe Deposit Box into the 21st century.

Mysafe safe deposit box Dubai

Corporate Stakeholders

MySafe is located at the heart of the Gold and Diamond Trading center in JLT and also at the iconic Kempinski Hotel & Residences, Palm Jumeriah with a number of additional sites to come on stream later in 2019. We have a DMCC and Trakhees (Freezone) registered companies. Our services require annual audit from the Security Industry Regulatory Agency (SIRA) and all of our security features are monitored Directly by the Dubai Police Service and Dubai Police response service. .

Our Safes are the most advanced of their kind in the world, manufactured by the global market leader in safes and advanced safe robotics ,a European headquartered company with a turnover more than 2.5 billion AED and offices in 32 Countries across Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific and the America’s and our Japanese manufacturer’s, market leader in Automated safes and advanced safe robotics across Asia.  Our Local Technical support partners Axon are the manufacturers channel partners in the UAE for over 50 years and Al Nabooda who provide strategic and technical support services for our Automated Safes.

Our Global Policy is underwritten by one of the world’s largest Global Insurance Market’s, Lloyds of London, an institution providing Insurance cover across more than 200 different countries / territories. Our Insurance Brokers are London based and directly linked to one the Lloyds most prolific syndicates (Ascot Syndicate) and our Local Regional Insurance broker is a publicly listed composite insurer with a 50-year track record and a global underwriting footprint. It is one of the highest rates insurers in the GCC /MENA Region, a market capitalization of 4 Billion USD, Standard & Poor “A “Rated and also “A /Excellent by Global ratings agency A.M.

Revolutionizing the Safe Deposit Box

A World's First

Mysafe UAE concept works just like an ATM, for your valuables. The booking and operation is pleasantly simple but the technology and security measures behind it are quite sophisticated, delivering a brand you can trust.

MySafe Dubai

Newsflash: New Safe Deposit Box availability in Dubai. MySafe Dubai in collaboration with AL Nabooda have added 4 different Box sizes to their range of Safe Deposit Box’s at Platinum Tower, Cluster I. Dubai. We now offer Box’s of 45mm, 70mm, 120mm and 170mm in depth. Available to residents and Non Residents, fully automated, fully insured and open 24/7.

Posted by Mysafe UAE on Sunday, 28 October 2018

MySafe UAE

Corporate Centre

Mysafe safe deposit box Dubai

The team underpinning Mysafe is a highly experienced team of global entrepreneurs with a global track record of innovation and the integration of innovative technology to enhance traditional services. Led by Terry Downes, a pioneer in the development of integrated security solutions across Western and Central Europe, the United States, Malaysia, East Africa and now the Middle East, MySafe is also guided by a team of global entrepreneurs with current operations and business interests spread across over 30 different countries.

The launch of a network of fully automated, convenient, Lloyds insured safe deposit box service that is community orientated and accessible to all 24/7 is a 100% turnkey plug and play solution with no structural build of any kind required. Each MySafe facility provides services to a targeted catchment area of not more that 400 clients at any one site. In much the same way the “Convenience ATM Networks” changed the way we manage personal cash, Mysafe also sets out to “bring the Vault” out of the Bank and deliver services embedded in the communities where they are needed. The dramatic decrease in bank safe deposit box capacity as bank branches across the world shut down has led to an unprecedented demand for this kind of “Convenience”, a facility grounded in the community that lifts the safe deposit box service into the 21st century. For that reason, MySafe welcomes continued expressions of interest from potential Investors and potential partners in markets across the world. Please feel free to express interest directly to

The cliché is to suggest “Dream Big Dreams’ but the truth is that with MySafe we have set out to create a lasting legacy impact across multiple countries and to achieve that goal we need to interact with people and organizations who share our vision and feel empowered to take on the challenges such a vision creates. The single greatest differentiating feature about MySafe is our determination to re-engineer the way people perceive their options to securely store items of personal or Corporate Value. We accept the challenge associated with providing a leadership role in re-energising our industry and are always looking to find people and organizations who feel empowered to join us in the journey ahead. Please share your thoughts by writing to us

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