Mysafe safe deposit box Dubai 


Mysafe safe deposit box Dubai

A UAE First: An Alternative Secure Storage Option for Individual / Corporate Investors

THE CONTEXT; There is a convergence of global & regional circumstances which conspire to create an ever-increasing interest in Gold Bullion / Precious Metals in all their forms. At a time of growing tensions and uncertainty across the world, people have always turned to precious metals as a barrier to instability in their investment portfolio. Whether it’s Brexit, North Korea, the political climate in the USA, a growing unease at the spread of unrest in different regions, investors have always responded to such issues by strengthening their position in precious metals and the bullion market has responded with new gold bullion products and initiatives to reach the widest possible market of potential investors.

HERE IN THE UAE The impact has also been felt here and amplified by an unprecedented recent development which saw the World Gold Council collaborating with the Accounting and Auditing Organisation for Islamic Financial Institutions (AAOIFI) to develop the Shari’ah Standard on Gold.  The standard creates a platform within which new Shari’ah compliant gold investment products can be created. This opens the potential to enable Islamic Banks and other bullion institutions to significantly expand their product portfolio and target a wider customer base across the region.

SECURE STORAGE: All this increased activity amplifies a challenge faced by the “ordinary” investor. The bullion industry has excelled creating and exposing new products to market. They have also excelled at simplifying the process through which investors can interact, purchase physical bullion products and store their investment across a portfolio of global storage facilities. Traditional vaults in capital cities across the world, managed by prestigious security companies,excel at providing the level of secure storage one would expect.

An investor identifies a bullion company they trust, identifies the physical bullion they wish to purchase, process payment and the product is then physically shipped to the investor or stored at a designated vault facility. Traditional or institutional investors have engaged in this manner for decades and it’s a tried and trusted process flow that has stood the test of time. That said, it also means that for many individual investors, they never get to physically see, much less touch and feel, their investment, instead it is “stored” securely in some third- party vault in a city somewhere in the world. What I hoped to do in this article was to highlight an alternative strategy on secure storage options for individual investors here in the UAE.

DEMYSTIFY THE CONCEPT OF SECURE STORAGE: I want to offer an alternative secure storage option, one that retains all the global security standards required and affords potential investors unprecedented access to their investment- demystifying the traditional concept of secure storage. Instead of this perception of an impregnable vault being the only secure storage facility that can be trusted, I offer an additional option. You will note I make NO criticism of traditional vault storage. These facilities provide an exemplary level of security and in writing I seek only to amplify an alternative & complementary option that may appeal to many investors for a variety of reasons. 

The option I present to market by its very nature is a next generation secure storage facility. A customer friendly environment that sets the benchmark on security and insurance standards for personal and corporate storage and eliminates the obstacle of restricted access to your investment.

SAFE DEPOSIT BOX SERVICES IN THE UAE: For the investor, the only third party secure storage alternative to the vault has been the traditional Safe Deposit Box service which in the past has had many drawbacks. Safe Deposit Boxes in the UAE are rare, available primarily to bank account holders who meet a defined criteria and indeed its been reported that thousands of clients can remain on waiting lists for up to 5 years. More importantly, such facilities restrict access to banking hours and while relatively secure, the contents are generally not covered by Insurance.

MYSAFE VAULTS DMCC: MySafe Vaults DMCC is a “World’s First”, fully automated, fully insured, convenient, private Safe Deposit Box centre. (Photo Indicative of the ambience)

Mysafe safe deposit box Dubai

Located at Platinum Tower, arguably in the heart of the UAE Gold and Diamond trading centre, the facility, opening in July, will offer unprecedented levels of access to registered clients with no dilution in the standards of security and insurance one expects to find. It is a premium service that offers for the very first time a real alternative secure storage facility using advanced robotics and global standards to create the bond between the individual investor and their investment and affording the individual investor unprecedented levels of flexibility and convenience.

For bullion dealers across the world who sell to the UAE market, the facility demystifies the concept of the vault and offers individual UAE investors who perceive a benefit in being able to “see, touch and feel” their investment at any time, a real option. MySafe brings innovation, automation, convenience and in so doing “Drag’s” the humble Safe Deposit Box into the 21st century..

REACHING OUT; We welcome enquiries from bullion dealers / gold / precious metal traders here in the UAE and indeed across the world who see a benefit in offering their UAE client’s an unprecedented “personalised” secure storage facility option. We also welcome enquiries from individual / corporate investors across the UAE and we welcome enquiries from UAE Banks who see a benefit in exploring how we offer their clients an immediate solution as an alternative to the waiting list for Safe Deposit Box services.  For further information contact

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