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mysafe deposit box February 25, 2024 / BLOG

Mysafe Global Vaults Launches Safe Deposit Box Booking App


MySafe Global Vaults proudly announces the launch of its most awaited mobile APP. This marks a milestone for the company, strengthening its position as the premier automated safety deposit box provider across the Middle East and East Africa.

One of the key highlights would be its limitless reach, a few taps on their phones, customers can securely manage their belongings regardless of their location. This seamless accessibility empowers the clientele with the flexibility to safeguard their valuables without constraints.

The launch of the MySafe Global Vaults App promotes the convenience and accessibility of client bookings for their safe boxes. It signifies not only a remarkable achievement for the company but also a promise of a safer, more empowered future for its valued clientel.

A Great Mobile App Designed for you!

To express interest in reserving your safe deposit box in kenya, simply call or WhatsApp +254 707 129324 or email

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